Make Your Windows Sparkle Again

Arrange for window cleaning services in New Bern & Emerald Isle, NC

Your windows used to give you a beautiful view. But now they're covered in dust and dirt. Proper Window & Pressure Cleaning can restore your windows with window cleaning services in New Bern & Emerald Isle, NC.

We offer comprehensive residential and commercial window cleaning services to make sure every inch of your windows look new again. Our team uses hand-wiping and pressure washing methods to remove built-up grime and leave your window streak- and spot-free.

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Trust the pros with your windows

Window cleaning services can leave your windows with unattractive spots if performed by unskilled hands. Proper Window & Pressure Cleaning takes the time to clean each window carefully. Our residential window cleaning process includes:

  • Applying a specialized wash and wax formula
  • Hand-cleaning each window with a squeegee
  • Drying the window and frame with a microfiber towel
For commercial window cleaning, our pole system uses filtered water to eliminate impurities and create a spotless finish.

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